Friends of Langley Park

Beautiful Historic Grade II Listed Parkland near Pinewood Studios, Iver



Autumn 2006

The wall in the Arboretum had massively overgrown brambles covering it.  We spent a day clearing them all away and tidying it up.  Hard, scratchy but satisfying work - it was great to see the wall appear from behind the brambles and the plants bound up by them able to breath again!

Summer 2006

The pond in the Arborteum had a lot of Japanese Knot Weed around it, which had to be cleared, along with debris clogging up the pond, and general cutting back and tidying up in the area.

Spring 2006

The Ha-Ha had become very overgrown, so we cut back and cleared trees and plants on the wall and in the ditch, which were then put on a bonfire to clear them.