Friends of Langley Park

Beautiful Historic Grade II Listed Parkland near Pinewood Studios, Iver



6th December 2008

We had a great turnout, around 17 people and fantastic weather - blue skies and sunshine.  We continued opening up Bennets Walk by cutting down the invasive trees, clearing bramble and tidying up the area.  We had a huge bonfire which quickly cleared the debris.

6th September 2008

Today we had two teams, one putting the first coat of paint on the bridge, and the other cutting back the brambles and bracken nearby.  The bridge had its second coat on Sunday, and is looking much brighter and fresher.  

2nd August 2008

A lovely start to the day with a large turn out and good weather.  We cut down the invasive trees along the left side of Bennets Walk to open up the area.  If you look at the 'before' photo you can see all the thin trees, then in the 'after' photo we are all standing in the gaps where the trees came out!  If you take a walk down there you will see just how much work was completed in such a short space of time. 

Margaret helped us out again with some wonderful Butterfly cakes to keep our energies up!

5th July 2008

The weather held well for the work on the July FOLP volunteer day,  a low turn out but a lot was achieved.  We worked on the other end of Bennett's Walk, after the Health and Safety pep talk by Ranger Steve to Lizzy (new volunteer doing her Duke of Edinburgh silver award) and Amanda from Park offices.  Trees were cut back and dispersed in the woods rather than in a wall of dead trees, gorses were cleared around the Wellingtonias by John.  Steve did some training for Lizzy and Amanda and they took well to the days efforts. Ranger Andy turned up in the afternoon to pick litter but took the opportunity to taste the wonderful Apple cake delivered by the usual supplier!!  After lunch Jim and Jerry tackled the brambles near the bridge then Eugenie and Steve helped and she found a new bridge over the ditch.  The day came to a close as folks drifted off after about 3.15pm.

7th June 2008

The day was an introduction to Tony who is the new Heritage sponsored and logo-ed gardener (see photo below).   Tony, who had already cleared some of the scrub with a strimmer the day before, explained the next stage, which was for many trees to be cut down, back to an agreed line, so as to widen the Bennets Walk on the north side. 

The next volunteer day was planned to tackle the other side and do a similar treatment. 

There was no bonfire or shredding of the wood this time as all the cut wood was moved into the woods to rot down over time.   The day finished around 3.15pm.

1st March 2008

Another very successful day, with around 21 volunteers including the rangers, clearing more of the pathways and land in the Temple Gardens.  One of the paths now accessible surrounds a few palm trees - see photo below.

Bucks TV came to film us and we are now on their website - see a short video about us and Langley Park at

Margaret, one of the committee members of the Friends of Langley Park, very kindly brought in some scrummy home-baked apple cakes and mince pies - so a huge thank you to Margaret and we hope she does the same next month!

3rd February 2008

As you may have noticed when walking in the Temple Gardens many of the paths are now accessible - much hard work has gone into opening and clearing them over quite a few volunteer days.  We are aware that the Rhododendrons may be harmed if we cut them back in their growing season, so today (and possible 1st March) are probably the last days to carry out the work there. 

Today, another lovely sunny day, we chose two specific paths which were completely unpassable and probably unrecognisable as paths!  We cut back the bracken, brambles and any other vegetation to open them up to around 6-10 foot wide, which should allow walkers to easily access them now.

5th January 2008

Our first conservation day of 2008 saw the vista being cleared.