Friends of Langley Park

Beautiful Historic Grade II Listed Parkland near Pinewood Studios, Iver



6th December 2009

Although there were only five of us there we managed to clear a large amount of small sapling trees growing within the gorse which will be used to create the tree haloing dead hedging, & we were able to carry out some gorse reduction work situated in the vista area. Between us we ate all the mince pies "yummy"!   Andy Stevens, Ranger 

Paul, Andy, Rachel, Matt & Martin


7th November 2009 

Around 20 volunteers attended this conservation day, where we cleared the invasive Laurels from Rough Ground Woods (adjacent to Verneys and Bennett's Walks).  We put the cleared Laurels on the fire, where we also roasted chestnuts and cooked jacket potatoes for lunch.  Luckily it was a sunny day so was very much enjoyed by all.


 3rd October 2009 

Tony led 15 or so volunteers in 2 groups, one spreading 40 bags of mulch on the last of the coppiced rhododendron beds, the other pulling bracken and cuttng back brambles on the Temple Garden area by the ha-ha.  Although it was quite windy it stayed nice and dry so we achieved a lot, and both areas are looking really good.




5th September 2009  

I was asked to run the FOLP volunteer day due to the absence of both Peter and Tony (gardeners).  It was great to be doing it again with the regular crowd and a couple of new faces. 

The plan for the day was to distribute 40 jumbo bags of mulch onto selected beds in the Temple Gardens that had previously been coppiced & were now showing great signs of vigorous new growth. There were 14 volunteers of various ages who all worked extremely hard to complete the task which involved the removal of larger debris & the “almost” even distribution of the mulch.

Tea & cakes, supplied by Margaret were enjoyed at 11 o’clock & after lunch at 1 o’clock the final push commenced. A good day was had by all & my personal thanks go to the “Vols” for making it happen.

Andy Stevens (Park Ranger)




1st August 2009

Today, as we had 19 volunteers and some recently trained Leaders, we were able to split into two groups.  The first group put mulch down on one of the coppiced rhododendron beds, while the other cut back the rhododendrons hanging over the paths in Temple Gardens. 

Although it rained at times, we had a great day with lots of laughter and fun.  See what I mean on the Videos page, the Conservation Mini Movie competition entry! 


4th July 2009

Our main aim for the day was to complete the bracken pulling in all of the coppiced Rhododendron compartments, so thanks to some good-old hard work we had achieved that aim by lunch-time. Everything extra was a welcome bonus.  After lunch we completed a few small patches on the periphery and about half of one further enormous compartment (which is as yet uncoppiced rhodedendrons). Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their time on Saturday - Jim, Alan, John W, Eugenie, Brian, Paul, Tansie, Robbie, Suzanne and Margot.  Although we worked hard it was a very social day with lots of fun and laughter, and a real sense of achievement to see the cleared Rhodo beds. 


"I would like to say that Saturday may not have been the most inspiring day but the fun, laughter and companionship outweigh one of these days.  I look forward to these Saturdays very much.  Thankyou."  Eugenie  


6th June 2009

"Dirty Weekend" volunteer day - unfortunately the weather was horrible but we had about 12 people turn up, with 2 new people.  As you can see we got very wet & very dirt but we completed the task of cutting back the Laurel hedge that runs along side the path opposite the Ha Ha near the old toilet block. 




2nd May 2009

A large group of volunteers attended the May event.  It was a bright sunny day with an increasing wind at times. Some new faces were welcomed including Suzanne, Chris, Martin, Shirley, Jocelyn and Romana, as well as a return of Helen, which with the regulars became a slight challenge for Lizzie who kindly agreed to be the 'Tea Lady' for the day! 

We all headed down to Tyrells Wood which was overgrown - a triangular area was to be cleared back to a deer fence.  A large bonfire was used to effectively dispose of the tree and brush cuttings.  Due to the relatively small work area and large turnout, some folks were cutting back on the other side of the footpath.  Jill kindly collected more water for the kettle as we ran out lunch time - the warm weather and hard work done by all meant second cups of tea were the order of the day.

A big thank you to all the volunteers for the hard work, and look forward to the seeing everyone next month.  


4th April 2009

Today we were clearing the ditch by the mansion, cutting down the invasive trees and removing the bracken.  As you can see from the last photo a huge amount was achieved in just one day!  


7th March 2009

Another great turnout, continuing with the Rhododendron rejuvenation.  We also had a lovely shared lunch and more tasty cakes from Margaret. 

7th February 2009

We had around 18 volunteers rejuvenating the Rhododendrons, which meant coppicing the appropriate ones down to approximately 1.2m.  The cut material was stacked ready to be chipped later, and will be used in a year or so for mulching newly coppiced Rhododendron beds.

We had a lovely lunch of hot vegetable soup and buttered rolls, supplied by the Friends of Langley Park, followed by Margaret's wonderful cakes! 

3rd January 2009

Another fantastic day, with a large turnout and lots of clearing work carried out in Verneys Avenue.  We enjoyed our lunch of jacket potatoes cooked in the bonfire, and also had roasted chestnuts.  One of our volunteers successfully cooked sausages!   We are planning to supply hot vegetable soup and buttered rolls for the next conservation day.