Friends of Langley Park

Beautiful Historic Grade II Listed Parkland near Pinewood Studios, Iver



11 December 2010

We continued with the work in Verney's Walk - we aim to have one more work party to finish this area. 


6 November 2010

Today we continued along Verney's Walk clearing back the overgrown Rhododendrons, widening the path and making it more accessible.  As a special treat for our volunteers we cooked sausages on the fire with lovely rolls, and some brought jacket potatoes to compliment this.  We also had jam tarts provided by committee member Margaret, and to celebrate Ann's birthday we eventually succeeded in putting three candles in one so she could have her birthday wishes.



2 October 2010

Continuation of work from September.  Before and after pictures are pretty much the same so instead here is a photo of Alan and Charlie sauntering along at the beginning: 


4 September 2010

Other than disturbing a nest of crazy wasps (and a couple of stings) we had a good day working about half way down Verney's Walk, clearing bracken and brambles from around the rhododendrons.  We also cut down small native trees that had self seeded, and cleaned out the deadwood from the rhododendrons, all of which helped to open up the walk to become a much wider pathway.


7 August 2010 

It may look like we spent  most of our time enjoying the Cream Tea, but we did in fact also dead-head the coppiced rhododendrons in the Temple Gardens and cut them back where necessary.  Honest!  



3 July 2010

More work cutting down the invasive Laurels in Rough Ground Wood.  Another lovely sunny day, around 15 volunteers, lots of fun and laughter, Margarets strawberry and cream cakes, and fruit punch with lunch followed by Pimm's at the end of the day.



5 June 2010 

Today we continued on the lookout point with neatening up the the two evergreen Azalea plantings, and pruning back the Rhododendrons.  

To celebrate Wimbledon month we had strawberrys and cream, as well as Margarets tasty strawberry cakes.



1 May 2010 

It was very satisfying and enjoyable to be able to make a start on some more formal gardening orientated conservation work this month. To see some defined edges and evenly mulched Rhododendron beds on the view point was most gratifying and it is now showing signs of looking more like the photo’s from the early seventies when the Temple gardens were so meticulously kept. There is potential to improve things further here on subsequent group days, so if the best of the flowering has passed by next months Volunteer Saturday, then it would be nice to continue this work. Thank you to all those who assisted.    

Peter, HLF Gardener


3 April 2010 

With the Met Office promising us numerous heavy showers throughout the day,  I donned my waterproofs with a mild sense of anxiety about my bonfire lighting skills being severely tested and the possibility of my “outdoorsman credibility” being called into question!  In the event, we enjoyed a beautiful, mainly sunny day with no rain at all and a roaring fire, the embers of which,  Purnima used to toast Hot Cross Buns and cook sausages very effectively.  

The Laurel, which we were cutting at the South end of Roughground wood, will continue to occupy us for another few sessions I think. It’s a good task to get back to basics on occasionally and will leave that section of the woodland floor open for native plants and trees to colonise. As mentioned, we’ll be aiming to leave a strip of Laurel along the line of the new park railing as a formal, semi natural boundary, and as the task progresses, I may consider doing the same perpendicular to this along the line of the Wellingtonias. I know there are a lot of  logs and brash immersed in that corner so we’ll see how it looks as the clearance progresses at subsequent group Saturdays.

Many thanks to all those who turned out on this Easter weekend (notwithstanding the forecast) and I’m really pleased again that we gained another few dozen square metres!

Peter, HLF Gardener 


6th March 2010

Another great day with sunshine, around 15 volunteers, lots of fun, hot soup at lunchtime followed by Margarets' mince pies.  We also did some conservation work! 

Today we were working in Verney's Walk (section North of cross paths), cutting back scrub and self set trees encroaching into Rhodos, weeding out brambles and cutting down Rhododendron ponticum escaping into the woodland. 


6th February 2010

It was great to be back after a long spell away from our Saturday meetings. There were four new faces for me,.. a warm welcome and thanks to Corrinne, Malvina, Ben and Margot (though Ben and Margot, I know have been before). On Saturday the 6th of Feb, thirteen willing volunteers arrived to reduce the amount of common Gorse which has been slowly colonising the main vista and to take out bramble which is growing amongst the heather. I must admit to being quite surprised that there was such a good turnout for such a prickly task!  At the moment, the intention is to control the gorse with a view to eventual removal from the vista. European Dwarf Gorse and Ling Heather  will be retained due to their scarcity and conservation value, and because they will not impede the more formal nature of the park vista.

Many thanks to all of you for your continued enthusiasm and effort.



2nd January 2010

A great turnout of 11 volunteers on this crisp but beautiful sunny day, where we continued with the work started in November, clearing invasive Laurels from Rough Ground Wood.  Another 2 work parties are estimated to finish this section.

The laurel was planted here some time ago and has spread through large areas of the woodland.  This invasive shrub  is being removed because it is a non native evergreen which cuts out light to the ground preventing natural occuring native plants from growing on the woodland floor.

Another excellent days work was completed, jacket potatos & vegetarian haggis cooked on the bonfire were well received at lunch time and every one thouroughly enjoyed Margaret's freshly cooked hot mince pies.