Friends of Langley Park

Beautiful Historic Grade II Listed Parkland near Pinewood Studios, Iver

2011 Conservation Work

 3 & 17 December 2011

This month we were working in Verney's Walk cutting back the invasive  rhododendrons.  All material cut back and not required elsewhere was burnt on the bonfire which Craig was in charge of.  We made good use of the fire by cooking jacket potatoes for our lunch then finished off with Margaret's mince pies which were superb.


5 & 19 November 2011

This month we planted 30,000 bulbs around the Arboretum in Langley Park.  The Friends of Langley Park donated 50% of the funds for this project in its ongoing support and rejuvenation of the park.  We completed this over three Saturdays in November.  The 7,000 bulbs remaining were planted round the trees near the car park.



1 October 2011

This weekend we continued to clear the flower beds of brambles and saplings in The Arboretum which was a continuation of the work we started last month. We also cleared bracken to open up a new pathway to the side of the flower bed.  The weather was kind to us today unlike the 17 September when the heavens opened up.  Today the new gardener Ben led the team for the first time.

 17 September 2011

 Today John and Brian cleared the pond of weed and overgrown flowers then carried on helping the main party clear bramble and saplings from the 2 beds at the opening of  The Arboretum.  This will allow for planting of new shrubs and flowers.  This was also the first month trial of 2 Saturdays a month for conservation in the park. 

3 September 2011

Today we widened the path through Kinds Wood which is to be part of the Timberland Tree Trail. This involved high pruning trees to let in more light, removing trees which were close to the path, and creating a dead hedge with the material that we cut down. As areas are cleared the bracken and brambles will be mown. 


6 August 2011

Today we opened up a section of wood and filled it with logs that we removed from the fire site.  This area will serve 2 purposes: one, it will be good for wild life, and two; this area can be used as a mini beast hunting ground for organised children's groups.  We have also opened up two paths in Kings Wood by high pruning and removing any encroaching tree saplings. As a thank you to our regular volunteers, we finished work early and held a picnic and soft drinks at the new Volunteer Centre.



2 July 2011 
Today we cleared some of the rhododendrons from a previous conservation day and burnt them, then moved on down to Bennetts Walk to fell some sycamores. We also had a small working group at Park Style lodge garden weeding and tidying up the area.


4 June 2011

 This month we were working in the Temple Gardens pulling bracken, removin gbrambles and sycamore saplings and also spreading wood chip piles.  Jake led the conservation team today.  

7 May 2011
Today we continued on from last month cutting back Rhododendrons in Verne's Walk. We completed the work by lunchtime therefore after lunch we began mulching the Rhododendrons in the Temple Gardens.

 2 April 2011
Today we were working in Verney's Walk removing rhododendrons up to an agreed line preparatory to installing estate fencing at some point.
Have a look at the Video clip or photos below.  

5 March 2011
Today we were working in the Temple Gardens, putting mulch around the rhododendrons that had been coppiced by the gardeners and rangers in the week. 

5 February 2011
Today we worked in Lowland heath carrying out gorse reduction and sapling removal.


8 January 2011
Today we finished clearing the overgrown rhododendrons from Verney's Walk.