Friends of Langley Park

Beautiful Historic Grade II Listed Parkland near Pinewood Studios, Iver

2012 Conservation Work

 1 December 2012

 Very few volunteers on this cold December day. Mince pies were great from Margaret!


3 November 2012

Today we worked in the Temple Gardens planting new Rhododendrons and removing Ponticum growth, and removing bracken and brambles. We also recorded the coordinates of the new Rhododendrons using the GPS device, which will be added to the database in due course.




6 October 2012

 Today we cleared weeds, bracken, brambles and tidied up an area in the Temple Gardens. It was a beautiful day with a large turnout of 22 people, enhanced by Margaret's lovely apple pies.



15 September 2012



1 September 2012

 Today we were working in the Arboretum, cutting back and tidying up, clearing bracken, brambles, nettles, weeds


August 2012

 Today we opened up the path by Park Style Garden.



July 2012

 We only had one volunteer session this month, as the second one was on the same day as the Dog Show, and many people helped out there instead.  However, we did a great job of clearing one of the paths in the Temple Gardens, cutting back to open up the path, let the sunlight in and dry up the muddy puddles.  It was a day of showers and sunshine, so you may see raindrops on one or more of the photos!



June 2012

This month we were tidying up branches which were over hanging paths and walkways.




May 2012 

Today we planted 6 trees which were donated to the park by the film crew after completing filming in the park. 



April 2012

We continued  cutting back the  bracken  and tidying up the rhododendron beds this month.




March 2012

This month we have been working in the Temple Gardens.  We have been tidying up from the coppice work the rangers have completed, making the area look good for the grand opening of the new children's play area.




February 2012

This month  we had a day  planting a total of 91 laurel bushes in the Arboretum to fill the gaps to provide good coverage.  It was a particularly cold day with temperatures of minus seven or more, resulting in the plants being frozen to the tubs they came in.   We also spent a day on general maintenance in the Arboretum, this consisted of tidying up ad cutting back the beds and trees.




January 2012

This month we cut back gorse and brambles in the Arboretum and The Temple Gardens.  Margaret supplied her usual delicious cakes which helped to keep the cold weather at bay.