Friends of Langley Park

Beautiful Historic Grade II Listed Parkland near Pinewood Studios, Iver


Local photographers Jerry Lake and Kevin Day have produced some stunning photos of scenes and vistas in both Langley Park and Black Park.  These are now available to purchase as limited edition oak framed prints or A4 unframed prints, from San Remo Cafe in Black Park, with proceeds very kindly being donated to The Friends of Langley Park

For further details email Jerry at  or Kevin at

See more photos at the link below, or if you have a specific image request.

 Bell Ringing - Thursday 20 December 2012

 The Friends of Langley Park recently formed their own group of Hand Bell Ringers under the guidance and direction of Mrs Kate Cox. They gave two public performances in the week before Christmas, the first of which was held at the cafe in Langley Park on Monday 17th December The weather was a gorgeous, sunny winter morning which encouraged a good attendance and resulted in donations of over £70 being made. The second performance was held inside the cafe at Black Park on Thursday 20th December. The rain had returned to dampen our efforts but the generosity of those who braved the weather resulted in a further £40 being received. The total amount of £115 from both performances will go towards purchasing more rhododendrons for Temple Gardens.


 Visit to Westonbirt - Saturday October 27 2012



 As it was such a beautiful day we were inside the Volunteer Centre only to watch and learn while Jackie drew a portrait of her model, Dave, using pencils, and then showed us how to use pastels to give more definition.  Then we had a lovely afternoon sitting under the trees drawing each other, which we found very relaxing and enjoyable.






Langley Park Dog Show Winners
In the Pedigree Classes
A.V. Puppy = 7 month whippet, Fizz
A.V. Sporting = 4 year old pointer, Holly
A.V. Non-sporting = 7 year old Australian shepherd dog, Barney
A.V. Open = 3 year old whippet, Raine
A.V.Veteran = 7 year old Australian shepherd dog, Barney
Best In Show = 4 year old pointer, Holly
Reserve Best In Show = 7 year old Australian shepherd dog, Barney
Best Puppy = 7 month whippet, Fizz

In the Novelty classes
Best Crossbreed = 5 year old Pom Cross, Molly
Child-Handler = 3 year old Jamie with 3 year old Italian greyhound, Kyesha
Crossbreed Veteran = 7 year old rough collie, Brenda
Prettiest bitch = 15 month Japanese Shiba Inu, Lola
Handsomest dog = 2 year old Shih Tzu x Pom, Alfie
Waggiest tail = 15 month boxer, Oslo
Rescue = 13 year old Jack Russell, Poppy
Best Six Legs = 17 year old Cairn terrier, Buster, and his owner
Best tit-bit catcher = 6 month old Vadin
Best Companion Club Dog = 6 month old Vadin
Best Novelty In Show = 15 month Japanese Shiba Inu, Lola
Reserve Best Novelty In Show = 3 year old Italian greyhound, Kyesha
Jimmi Johnston-White "Gioia" judged the pedigree classes, and Beverley Pettiford 
judged the novelty classes.


Glyn Edwards of the Berkshire and South Bat Group came along to talk about bats to an audience of 20 people.  Along with him he brought Rose, a Noctule Bat, who had been injured by a cat and is not able to go back into the wild.  At around 7 years old she’s reached a good age for a bat - in the wild they may not live so long with all the dangers they encounter.  Rose was lovely though, she was certainly a hit with the audience when Glyn asked me to switch on my bat detector and they were able to to hear her a) eating on her tasty mealworms and b) the echolocation sound you would hear when out bat detecting.   I think actually seeing a live bat up close makes going out to see and hear them all the more interesting.   A few people asked me about bat detector prices afterwards. 

The Berkshire and South Bucks Bat Group are made up of volunteers who promote and further the conservation of bats and their habitats.   They rescue sick and injured bats, rehabilitate them where possible, conduct roost visits, give talks and walks and do a whole host of other bat related work, so at the end of the talk I collected donations for the visitors and we raised £30 for them. 

Following the talk we went out with bat detectors, supplied by The Country Parks Team, and headed up towards the lake, where we picked up soprano and common pipistrelles, duabentons that we also able to see flying low over the lake and also a lone Serotine, which flew over us and then up higher and we were able to hear the different echolocation sound.    Bats do sometimes come out earlier for a quick scout round and may then go back into their roost for a while longer.    

I think that everyone who came along had a great evening and we may go out and do one or two sessions of just bat detecting.     It may be short notice but if you are interesting please email us and we will then add you to our mailing list and let you know as soon as a date is set.  This may be a case of parking up outside the park in order not to bother the rangers to open and close the gates for us after dark.

If you have found an injured bat or need practical advice regarding bats please contact the Berkshire and South Bucks bat helpline on 07005 803201.   

If you have to pick the bat up, please do so with gloves on.  

Check out the Berkshire and South Bucks Bat Group website as well for loads of information about bats -


Langley Park Monthly Social - 2 July 2012

A fantastic afternoon where members brought a huge variety of cakes they had made to share with each other, including the recipes.  



Our social afternoons for members are proving very popular, with interesting and informative topics each time, along with refreshments and snacks.  Come and join us on the first Tuesday of each month, 2-4pm, in the Visitors Centre.


PHOTOS of 5k FUN RUN at Langley Park 1 July 2012, by Jerry Lake 


Art in the Park - 30 June 2012



Kew Gardens Day Trip - Saturday 23 June 2012

Another lovey day out at the stunning Kew Gardens and Kew Palace, enhanced by a fascinating guided tour, and followed by dinner at the Black Horse in Iver. 


We are looking into the costs for a coach trip to Westernbirt, the National Arboretum, to see the Autumn colours in October 2012.  Athough we will email and write to members, if you would be interested in this trip please let us know asap, as it will be on a first come first served basis, and even with a 30 seater coach, will fill up very quickly. 



Photos of the tree felling in the Arboretum Friday 18 November 2011, courtesy of Jerry Lake


 Iver Apple Day - 15 October 2011

Below is the result of the raffle held by The Friends of Langley Park at the  Iver Apple Day on Saturday.

First Prize:          Fluffy Dog - Won by ticket Number 1

Second Prize:      Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner - Won by ticket Number 31 

Third Prize:        Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner - Won by ticket Number 31

The draw was made by "Jim" from Crimestoppers who's stall was opposite ours. 

 Langley Park Dog Show - 23  July 2011

The dog show held at Langley Park was a most enjoyable day. Organised by Margaret and supported by the Friends of Langley Park.  Hopefully this will now be an ongoing event.

Dog show winners:-  AV puppy – Indi, owned by Jodie martin:  AV sporting – Liam, Angela Williams: AV non-sporting – Lewis, Mr and Mrs Bryant:  AV open – Talisha, Miss L Heath:  AV Veteran, Lauren, Daphne Tatum:  Best in show – Talisha:  Reserve best in show – Lewis: Best puppy - Indi 

Novelty classes:-  Best cross breed – Tara , Toby Vandeveld:  Best child handler, Taz, Lesley Collins:  Best cross bred veteran, Max, Irene Holloway:  Prettiest bitch - Rhana, Jean Bourne:  Handsomest dog, Diesel, Denise Timmerman:  Waggist tail – Maisie, Ruth Hill:  Best rescue dog  - Hasta, Jennie Spear:  Best 6 legs, Jake, Darren Bateson:  Best langley park dog, Harley, Diana Morgans:  Companion dog, Vadim, C. Casner:  Best novelty – Taz:  Reserve best novelty, Tara



5k Cross Country Run in Langley Park - 6 July 2011

Photos by Jerry Lake of the third 5k cross country run in a series of three at Langley Park, organised by South Bucks Running Group and supported by 'Friends of Langley Park' volunteers.




Bletchley Park Outing - 11 June 2011

A lovely day enjoyed by all who attended.  The guided tour brought to life the incredible story of life at Bletchley Park during the war years from 1939  to 1945.  We ended the day with a meal which Tansie had pre-booked.  All our thanks go to Tansie for organising a very enjoyable day.



5k Cross Country Run in Langley Park - 11 May 2011

Photos by Jerry Lake of the first 5k cross country run in a series at Langley Park, organised by South Bucks Running Group and supported by 'Friends of Langley Park' volunteers: 



Photography Workshop in Langley Park - 8 May 2011

Another fantastic workshop by Kevin Day and Jerry Lake.  Tuition, techniques, lighting effects, the lot!   See the photos below of the day, and from some of our 25 attendees.



Some of the comments from participants:  

"It was a lovely day Tansie, thank you for organising it.  The main thing I enjoyed about today was being with people who were all there with a common purpose. I learnt so much – from Jerry and Kevin obviously but also other members of the group." DR

"It has definitely encouraged me to find out how my camera really works rather than using it as a point-and-shoot camera, so that's good. The info given at the beginning was very useful, and Rebecca and I were delighted to be given a magazine each to take home, as I wouldn't have thought of buying one, but they are very informative and I'm looking forward to reading some of the articles in them.

Kevin & Jerry were excellent at putting us at our ease and not to feel too bad about our amateur efforts and it was very interesting to see the demonstration of the flash in-fill under the yew tree and how it improved the photos." KC

"The photography workshop last Sunday was highly informative and very interesting.  Thanks once again for the excellent photography class."  RC

"Sunday's workshop was not only a great opportunity to pick the brains of 'those in the know', but also a way to meet like minded people whilst spending the morning in lovely surroundings! :-)" MP 

"Really enjoyed the photo workshop Sunday.  Kevin and Jerry were so helpful and enthusiastic it made a fantastic day end too quickly.  Their advice on how to get the best out of our photos was really useful.  I will never be a budding David Bailey but I will enjoy myself trying.  I have also attached a picture to prove I do listen to Jerry.  I have the flower in focus with the background blurred.  The problem is I don't have a clue of how I achieved it!"  AM
"Thanks very much to you for organising a brilliant day.  I personally liked the freedom to explore on my own when I wanted to and enjoy good company as well on the day." FW 


 Christmas Dinner – 16 December 2010

The Friends of Langley Park Committee Members and Conservation Volunteers held their Christmas dinner in the Black Horse at Iver Heath this Year.  The evening went very well and all who attended enjoyed the evening immensely.  


Tansie Nicole, Event Organiser and Co-ordinator




Wreath Making Workshop -  20 December 2010

The Wreath Making workshop was held in the San Remo Cafe in Black Park.  This was held over 2 days however, one day had to be cancelled due to all the bad weather in the lead up to Christmas.    




Halloween Pumpkin Competition - 31 October 2010



Apple Day - 16 October 2010

Just a short note about Apple Day. It was a good day and the sun shone on us for most of the time, although we did have one hard shower which we weathered well.

We sold a number of bird feeders, insect houses, ancient maps, Christmas plants, orienteering maps, and at least 40 of our 2011 calendars. 

Thanks to all those that helped on the day (Phil & Kay Wathen, Glenys Jones, Eugene Patterson, Ann McCullough, Andrew & Maureen Stevens, John Watson, Jim & Yvonne Gore and Margret) and Tansie for helping with the posters before absconding to warm sunny Portugal.

Rhys Jones, Organiser 


Photography Workshop - 22 August 2010

This very succesful workshop had 18 participants with a wide variety of cameras, knowledge and skills, from basic to advanced, and was very ably led by Kevin Day and assisted by Jerry Lake. 

After an hour of introduction to photography techniques, questions and answers comfortably seated by the Tearoom, we then spent nearly 3 hours wandering through the different areas of the park taking photos of plants, trees, landscapes, baby cows, the heron, the lake, bales of hay and farm machinery, etc, etc.  Kevin and Jerry helped each of us with the camera settings, different viewpoints, and how to get the most out of a photo.

We stopped for lunch at the Tearoom, compared photos and had a demonstration of lighting effects by Jerry, with some very interesting and different photos as a result.

Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and much was learnt.  We had fantastic feedback and there have been many requests for more fun, informative, interactive workshops like this, including early morning and evening/sunset mini-workshops/practice groups.  

Thanks very much to Kevin and Jerry for a brilliant day!

Below are photos of the workshop and those sent in by participants.


Tansie Nicole, Workshop Organiser and Co-ordinator 

Comments from some of the participants:

"I really enjoyed the Photography Workshop. It was very informative and it has given me the confidence to try out some of the settings on my camera, which I would never have done.  If Jerry and Kevin are willing to do another one I would be very interested in attending."

"It was a great day at Langley Park and I learnt a lot from their hints and tips.  I would be very interested in any additional sessions.  Thank you for organising it."

"Thanks to both of you and Kevin for a terrific day."

"Just a not to say how much I enjoyed the day with Kevin and Jerry yesterday. it was really interesting to have a chance to practice and have experts on hand. It was also a lovely park too, and nice change to see it.  I really hope you run them again, in the evening or even a sunday in the winter when we get into darkness sooner. It is quite a skill photographing at night, and in the snow, so that would be great."

"I really enjoyed the workshop last Sunday and it was good to see the park from Jerry and Kevin’s perspective. It would be great to have other sessions and I would be particularly interested in sunrise, autumn colours and snowy winter (if we get some this year!)."


Langley Park Launch - 25 July 2010

A very successful day, many events and stalls including the very popolar hogroast!  Also fun dog show, guided walks and talks, fire juggline and sword swallowing, Lion Rampant display, official opening of the Tearoom, reptiles, birds of prey, wood turning, Bascially Saxes, face painting, Go Ape. 


Wisley Gardens Trip - 10 July 2010 

Another fantastic day with beautiful weather and sunshine, a fascinating tour by Rob, lots to eat, stunning grounds to walk round, and ending with a very tasty meal by the river.

Tansie Nicole, Event Organiser and Co-ordinator 

Thank you for organising the day it was great. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My knowledge of plants is zero but thanks to ROB the best guide, he made the day the best time I have ever spent in a garden centre.  Thanking you again, Alan & Gladys 

Just to let you know I really enjoyed the Wisley trip last Saturday and would definitely go again. The guided tour round the gardens was marvelous.  Rob (the guide) made the tour well worth doing, his knowledge was endless.  He made everything so interesting I didn't notice we were walking for nearly 3 hours.  And the meal on the way home by the river rounded the day of just nicely.  Anne


Blenheim Palace Trip with the Friends of Langley Park, October 2009 


On Saturday 10th October 2009 the ‘Friends’ group enjoyed our second official trip, this time to Blenheim Palace near Oxford. Following on from a highly successful New Forest trip earlier in the year we once again chose a beautifully sunny day to visit the home of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. Travelling in a ‘Sunshine’ minibus courtesy of Lynch Hill Combined School (thank you to Lyn and Peter) we arrived safely around lunchtime and were immediately impressed with the palace and the grounds. The Capability Brown landscaped grounds – twenty times the size of Langley Park - were magnificent as were the water features, the gardens, the maze, the railway and everything else that makes Blenheim such a brilliant day out.
The guided tour of the house was extremely interesting especially seeing the actual bed and bedroom where Winston Churchill was born. Whilst some of the group explored as much of the estate as time allowed, others were happy to sit in café by the water gardens enjoying a cream tea.
The day was complete in the welcoming surroundings of the Kings Head, Woodstock where we enjoyed excellent hospitality and a lovely meal including free wine and coffee, courtesy of the landlord, Ian. The main topic of conversation around the table was where to go for our next outing in the New Year! 

Tansie Nicole, Event Organiser and Co-ordinator 


Friends of Langley Park New Forest Trip, May 2009

On Sunday 10th May 2009, the 'Friends of Langley Park' enjoyed a most splendid day out in the New Forest - our first official trip.  Travelling courtesy of the Upton Scout's Lottery funded minibus and with the sun shining brightly, we set off towards our first destination, Lyndhurst, where we saw cattle and ponies roaming free.  Some of the group strolled along the High Street stopping in at various shops and the 'New Forest Visitor Centre', whilst others enjoyed a leg stretch across the heathland taking in the local sights and sounds.

We then drove slowly along country lanes via Beaulieu (meaning beautiful place!) and on to Exbury Gardens, the family home of the Rothchild's where we were met by Nigel Philpott, Commercial and Marketing Manager.  Nigel led us on a guided tour of the gardens giving us an insight into the history of the Rothschild's estate and its world famous Rhododendron and Azalea collection - reputedly the finest in Britain.

Having experienced the vision of how Langley Park might look in the future, the group then travelled the last mile or so to Lepe, one of the primary sites for the D-Day landings.  Most of the group managed to walk/stumble along the shingle beach to visit the actual launch site, while others sat resting their weary limbs and drinking tea, enjoying the lovely views across the Solvent to the Isle of Wight.

The day ended with some delicious refreshments at the Beaulieu Road Inn, followed by the return trip up the M3 back to South Bucks.  The day was deemed an outstanding success and another trip has already been arranged to visit Blenheim Palace on the 27th September 2009 (see Calendar for details).

Our thanks go to Jacqui Whelan, landlady of the Beaulieu Road Inn for the meals and the free wine; to Bob Morris of the Upton Scout Group for the use of their minibus; to Nigel Philpott for the most interesting insight into Exbury Gardens, and to FOLP committee member Tansie Nicole for co-organising the event.

Chris Ring, Chairman


Slideshows by Jerry Lake

(click on each photo to start the slideshow)  


Langley Park Country Park                     Wildlife around Langley Park

Langley Park Launch - 25 July 2010

A very successful day, many events and stalls including the very popolar hogroast!  Also fun dog show, guided walks and talks, fire juggline and sword swallowing, Lion Rampant display, official opening of the Tearoom, reptiles, birds of prey, wood turning, Bascially Saxes, face painting, Go Ape. 


Langley Park Launch - 25 July 2010

A very successful day, many events and stalls including the very popolar hogroast!  Also fun dog show, guided walks and talks, fire juggline and sword swallowing, Lion Rampant display, official opening of the Tearoom, reptiles, birds of prey, wood turning, Bascially Saxes, face painting, Go Ape. 


Langley Park Launch - 25 July 2010

A very successful day, many events and stalls including the very popolar hogroast!  Also fun dog show, guided walks and talks, fire juggline and sword swallowing, Lion Rampant display, official opening of the Tearoom, reptiles, birds of prey, wood turning, Bascially Saxes, face painting, Go Ape. 



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